Bartels since 1920

Bartels since 1920
The Danish shoe brand, Bartels since 1920, is the story of four
generations of shoe lovers. Today, Bartels is steered by Eva Bartels,
the great-granddaughter of Louie and Emma Bartels. The love for
shoes has always flown through Eva’s veins. With a degree in shoe
craft from Milan, numerous years spent on industry research,
and learning the family business in and out, Eva revived Bartels

Damernes Sko in 2017 as Bartels since 1920 – but with her own,
unique twist. With a curious mindset that creatively plays with
modern nostalgia, Eva blends the original Bartels designs with
new, precious materials. Now, Eva has launched three Bartels since
1920 models, and in time, it is her aim to have a finite collection
of 7 models, which will represent all the essential types of shoes
that a woman should have in her wardrobe.