Musikakademi Amager

What Vicky Juel Studios did:
A brand name for the music school (solution: Musikakademi Amager)
A logo design, logo symbol and word mark
Color scheme connoting professionalism and joy in a complementary mix
A light, airy, and modern responsive website – Outdoor materials to be placed near the music academy

The client:
Vicky Juel Studios has recently finished a visual branding project for
a Copenhagen-based music academy. The founder, Herbert Boersma,
is renowned within the classical music scene. His music lessons build
on classical schooling principles that are more than 100 years old –
and still work today. Together with modern technology, Herbert music
school nurtures and develops the musical and technical skills of his
students in a safe and professional environment.

To elevate his school, Herbert came with the dream of creating
a visual identity for his music school that manifests its classical
approach to music, but still visually sharp and with some aesthetics
that made it appear more light and modern. To emphasize the musical
discourse, our visual solution took point of departure within the node
beams and its five horisontal lines entwined with the letters MAA
from the brand name, MusikAkademi Amager.

Moreover, the usage of black and white imagery, underlining the classical
schooling, with bold yellow colors, gave that perfect blend of modern
classic – as well as adding some personality to the brand.